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Last week, I posted the list of Top 30 Beach Music Artists based on website clicks from Beach Music Online. I received mixed comments and many felt the list was not a good and accurate picture of the talent we have in Beach Music.While I did get some negative feedback, but  I received a lot of positive feedback as well. The post received over 800 facebook likes, so it appears it was appreciated by a good number of fans. I thought about not doing the list this week, but I had so many share the page on facebook.. The social activity on both this website and reached some big numbers on the analytics. I am open to other ways of ranking them, but I am not sure how you go about ranking the beach music artists without creating some controversy.  I am a web person and a stats guy as I said last week and I like to see website traffic. I did add one artist to the list that received enough traffic to debut on the Top 30 List for the week. Some moved up. some moved down. Should I do the list again? Let me know what you think.

On March 20, the ranking results were based on 4 weeks of reporting. Today, I decided to pull the list based on the last 7 days.

Beach Music Online, for the last 10 years, has been sending Internet traffic to beach music artist websites from the beach music artist and band schedule page. This list below is simply a ranking based on the activity of the thousands of beach music fans that visit this bmo website and schedule webpage.

If your favorite artist is not listed on the beach music online schedule schedule page, please use the contact form at and tell me who is missing. ( Requirement, they must have a website schedule page and it has to be somewhat updated. If they are still featuring the calendar from 2013, they may not get approved to be added to the list ).

Top Beach Music Artists*

LW TW Beach Music Artist
1 1 Band of Oz
2 2 Jim Quick & Coastline
3 3 The Embers featuring Craig Woolard
4 4 Fantastic Shakers
5 5 The Entertainers
6 6 Holiday Band
23 7 East Coast Rhythm and Blues Band
10 8 Hip Pocket
12 9 The Carolina Breakers
8 10 The Catalinas
14 11 Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
11 12 Mark Roberts Band
9 13 Too Much Sylvia
7 14 The Tams
20 15 Midnight Allie
13 16 Steve Owens and Summertime
18 17 Tim Clark Band
21 18 The Prophets
15 19 Part Time Party Band
17 20 The Castaways
22 21 Sea Cruz
19 22 Atlantic Groove
26 23 Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band
30 24 Lakeside Drive Band
25 Marsha Morgan Band
27 26 Attractions
16 27 Swingin Medallions
28 Night Move Band
29 Ken Knox and Company – KCO
30 Feature Band

*Ranking based on Website Clicks from during the last 7 days. #1 represents the highest number of clicks to the band’s website. #30 represents the last band reported for this period. Bands have not been removed and in fact some have been added to the list of bands.


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  1. Hip Pocket should not be on this list. I just heard them last night at Thirstys2 in Greensboro. They played one beach song ONLY because someone requested it and stated that they do not like playing beach music. Just saying. I was so disappointed. Afterall Thirstys is a beach club.

    • What is Ducks Beach Club? Hip Pocket is the top draw at Ducks in North Myrtle Beach and are often called the House Band. The locals in NMB love them!

      I am sorry you did not enjoy your time with Hip Pocket. The guys are probably not “the norm” when talking about “Beach Music Bands”. They are very talented and put on a great show every time out. They do play the Beach Music club circuit and are welcomed in many clubs that feature beach music as their main live band shows.

      Your comment brings up the long time discussion. “What is beach music?” It is different to a lot of people. There are a lot of songs being played in the beach music clubs that I would not initially define as beach music, but you see all the places playing them and lots of people dancing to them. Beach Music is different to a lot of people.

      • Very well said…. Hip Pocket is a band that focuses on what the people want… Sometimes it’s “Beach” Music, sometimes it’s “Party” Music…. We did play Thirsty’s II on Friday Night to a big crowd and had lots of fun…. The Club Owner ask for 3 more dates this year, we were only able to find 1 on our very busy calendar…. Sorry not everyone was happy! I guess the old saying is true, you can’t please everybody! Thanks Bo, we will keep playing “Live” music and hope our fans continue to support all of the places we play…

        • You’re right Michael. You play whatever the crowds want (and request). Hip Pocket has a niche of their own and rightfully so. I love beach music, of course, but I love rock ‘n roll and country also and I want a mix when I attend a concert. You guys ROCK!

    • Hip Pocket is not a new band. They are very popular and are widely known for their multi-talented musicians and singers. They play a variety of music that is structured to get the crowd dancing, singing along, having a great time and leaving happy. They work extremely hard at their craft, practicing, learning new songs, reinvesting their resources into new and expensive equipment. This must have been your first time hearing HP3 or else you would have known their style and would not have expected only the standard beach music song list. I am sure that Thurston and Linda were glad to have a newcomer to Thirsty’s as they, like many club owners, want to increase their crowd numbers so they are constantly offering the top bands playing a variety of music to suit all of their paying guests. The clubs should be given more credit for their efforts to keep live entertainment as an option in times where the economy has not been the best. Hip Pocket does try to please the audience and as you stated, they did play a requested song. They also do like beach music as they cut their teeth on this form of music but they have evolved into a band that engages the audience on and off the stage. At the end of the night there are many smiles, hugs and lots of sweat as HP rocks the stage. It is regretful that you were disappointed in the night upon discovering that Hip Pocket was a different kind of beach group and more unfortunate that you did not embrace the moment, feel the energy in the room and participate in the fun and great music performed. It is my hope that next time you encounter a venue which is different than what you expected that you will not waste time which is so precious to all of us be being disappointed but will open you mind to a new experience. You might be surprised at how you can be drawn in by the magic of the energy of Hip Pocket and appreciate the talent you are hearing and watching.

  2. Thanks Bo! Really appreciate the nice words. As most everyone knows.. I was raised on Beach Music. I’ve loved it and the people that make up the Beach Music family my entire life. I’ve also had the honor of being friends with all the top players on the circuit for as long as I can remember, and along the way, have been mentored by the best of the best. That list includes: Big John Thompson (obviously), Jim Quick, General Johnson, Bo Schronce, Dink Perry, David Hicks, Keith Houston, Craig Woolard… ALL of them had a hand in shaping me into the artist I am today. Then it was up to me to take the lessons I learned, and the gifts I was given, and decide how to apply them to my musical career, as well as, a genre of music that will always hold a special place in my heart.. but nevertheless has declined in popularity over the years. What I came up with was Hip Pocket. This band allows me to not only stick to my roots when necessary.. but it also gives me the opportunity to generate excitement with the younger generations by playing music that’s a little more popular with them. IN MY OPINION.. the only hope of keeping Beach Music alive for years to come is by evolving. The way Hip Pocket does that is by targeting a more youthful demographic. We either introduce them to the Beach Music lifestyle.. or keep the ones that are already aware of its existence, excited about its future. I’m sorry, but we can’t do that by playing “Sixty Minute Man” and “Little Red Book” at every show. Times change.. the crowds change.. and therefore the music had to change. Our #1 job is to keep the bars and the dance floors packed.. and that’s exactly what we do best. There are plenty of bands out there playing nothing but the classics all night.. and that’s fine too.. But when you come to a Hip Pocket show, you better expect a higher level of energy, a set list that consist of songs other than the ones recorded in the 1960’s.. and you better be ready to party with us.. because that’s what it’s gonna take to keep this particular genre alive and relevant. Otherwise, it’ll fade away with the last person on Earth that knows how to shag and you’ll only be able to discover it in the pages of a history book. That seems a little selfish to me… and again, IN MY OPINION, has become the Achilles’ Heel of Beach Music. I know I can’t please everyone at the same time, but try to keep an open mind as to why I play the music I do. If you put Beach Music on such a high pedestal that people coming up in the world can’t reach it… then that’s exactly where it’ll stay… untouched and unappreciated. So, I’ll finish with this… We consider it a privilege to be included in the Beach Music world and try never to take it for granted because it is such an incredible community to be a part of. Just remember, the whole point of music, and life for that matter, is to enjoy it and allow it to make your soul dance. A wise man once said, “Be Young, Be Foolish and BE HAPPY”… and that’s really all we’re trying to accomplish on the Hip Pocket stage… whether we sing about it or not. 😉 – LJ

    • Gosh, I’m just now seeing this brou-ha-ha, guess I’m just way too busy these days! Well said, LJ. I love all music (well, except rap, but that’s not really music to me). I love all ” the bands”, and HP3 is one talented group of guys that give it 100% at every show. If you don’t have a good time at a Hip Pocket show, it’s your own fault. Then there’s the other debate about DJs playing records vs. Live bands during SOS. Bottom line is, you can’t please everyone, so don’t even try. You guys keep on keeping on, you DO deserve to be in the Top 30. See you at The Farm.

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