Beach Music Top 30 – July 31st

Here is how the chart ended up for the week ending July 31st. This chart is based on website clicks from beach music online to the band schedule pages.  Band of Oz continue to still be the most clicked on band from the website with Coastline a very close second this week.

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In Summary….

Bo the Webguy.. ( That’s ME! in the picture above ) with Beach Music Online has been sending Internet traffic to beach music artist websites from the beach music artist and band schedule page for over 10 years.  This list below is simply a ranking based on the activity of the thousands of beach music fans that visit this bmo website and schedule webpage.

If your favorite artist is not listed on the beach music online schedule schedule page, please use the contact form at and tell me who is missing. I added several more per the requests of fans. ( Requirement, they must have a website schedule page and it has to be somewhat updated. If they are still showing their next event as Turkey Day at the Plymouth Rock in 1621, they may not be approved to be added to the list).

Top Beach Music Artists*

LW TW Beach Music Artist
1 1 Band of Oz
2 2 Jim Quick & Coastline
3 3 The Embers featuring Craig Woolard
4 4 Fantastic Shakers
5 5 The Entertainers
6 6 Holiday Band
8 7 The Catalinas
7 8 Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band
13 9 Too Much Sylvia
10 10 The Carolina Breakers
14 11 Part Time Party Band
16 12 Mark Roberts Band
9 13 The Tams
15 14 The Castaways
18 15 Steve Owens and Summertime
12 16 Gary Lowder & Smokin Hot
11 17 Hip Pocket
20 18 Tim Clark Band
22 19 Tommy Black Band featuring Christina
19 20 Midnight Allie
21 21 Swingin Medallions
25 22 Atlantic Groove
28 23 Carolina Soul Band
30 24 Ken Knox & Company – KCO
23 25 Sea Cruz
27 26 Big Time
24 27 East Coast Rhythm and Blues Band
28 Summerdaze Band
29 Rick Strickland Band
30 The Extraordinaires

*Ranking based on Website Clicks from during the last 7 days. #1 represents the highest number of clicks to the band’s website. #30 represents the last band reported for this period. Bands have not been removed and in fact some have been added to the list of bands.

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