Calabash Flash – Introduction to the Artists and Music

Back in 2011 our friend, Calabash Flash began creating a series of short segments for Shag City USA for the purpose of introducing new (and older) fans to the music and artist that make up the Carolina Beach Music Lifestyle. Click the artist introduction on this page to listen to an audio file from Calabash Flash.

In the audio files you’ll find a variety of presentations. We think this is an awesome collection and are more than pleased to share with you the work of Calabash Flash.

All of these files played originally at Shag City USA.

We Hope you enjoy…and welcome your comments.

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  1. This has been such a great series – I know the folks at Shag City USA appreciate the work that has gone into research and production by Calabash Flash – Thank you! Make sure you listen to these audio file introductions and share them with your friends.

    You will notice the posted date – This ties to the time that the audio file was recorded by Calabash Flash and played on the Internet Radio station by Shag City.

    We, at, realize things may have changed for some of these artists, so keep the date in mind when going back to listen to these segments.

  2. I have to admit, I was introduced to quite a few beach music artists that I had never heard of before they were played on Shag City USA. There is a lot of audio clips posted here, please let listen to these clips and share them with your friends.

    I would like to reach out to any of the artists presented here to contact us if you would like add anything to these pages.

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