July 1969 Happenings

On a day in July 1969, one of the top songs was Only The Strong Survive by Jerry Butler. CarolinaBeachMusic.com is a growing history of a lifestyle by the people that lived it. Have you got something to add to this history? Please let us know by replying to this post or submitting to the contact form.

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  1. When our oldest son, now 40, was in high school his heart was broken when he and his girlfriend broke up. He was morose for days until his mom and I took one of my beach music cassettes with Jerry Butler’s “Only The Strong Survive” cued to the beginning of the track and left it in the stereo of his beloved ’67 Mustang.

    When he started his car after work that night, he heard Jerry Butler’s mom’s advice. Arriving home, he greeted us with a simple “Thanks, y’all.” Nothing else was ever said and his spirits were lifted.

    Our music will stand.

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