October 1967 Happenings

On a day in October 1967, one of the top songs was Ramshackle Shack by the Tams. CarolinaBeachMusic.com is a growing history of a lifestyle by the people that lived it. Have you got something to add to this history? Please let us know by replying to this post or submitting to the contact form.

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  1. How many people remember the Coachman & four club in Bennentsville S.C. orthe Hide- A -Go club in Fayetteville N.C. or the Cat’s Eye club i Greensboro N.C.. First time I ever saw James Brown was at the Coachman & Four in Bennetsville.

  2. It’s been at the center of my life since I was a child going on vacation with my family to OD until today living in retirement in Mt. Pleasant. I remember seeing bands perform on flat bed trailers ffor street dances at the horse shoe at the end of Main St. in OD. I grew up in Charlotte danced on Kilgo’s Kanteen numerous times. I migrated to the Cellar as soon as I could get in the door. At OD, I danced to the juke box on the old concrete dance floor on the patio at the back OD pavilion. Migrated to the Barrel, Spanish Galleon, and Beach party as soon as I could get in the door. My career took me away from the Carolinas for almost 40yrs. but I held on to it with a strong grip. My children love it and I’m going to make sure my grandchildren get exposed. It’s in our DNA. “It Will Stand”. Live the shag life style and have a happy life.

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