The Band of OZ

Can anyone confirm the date on this picture?

June Brookins Bazemore commented on facebook that it 1978. That is what we are going with unless someone says otherwise.

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  1. I have no idea! Please let us know who’s who. I ha ve been a fan, since, I met them at the Holiday Inn ,Woodlawn, in Charlotte,, NC.. I was with Leggett, in Lynchburg VA.

  2. This would have been around 1977-1978. We started the North Tower Band in 1978 and I remember seeing this line-up of the Band of Oz around that time in the Hilton Underground in Raleigh. I know the names of all but one. Front row center is Chuck French – Trumpet. Second row left to right – Billy Bazemore (now deceased) lead singer. David Hicks – drums. Next in black – Shep Fields – bass behind him is Keith Houston on bass. The back row – first guy played sax, but don’t know his name. Beside him is Ronnie Forbes on keyboard.

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