The Tams Played the Pad-Sunday, April 18, 1965

You know how memories fade along with correct years and such. This could have happened Easter 1964 but for some reason I think it was 1965. I had just turned 16 (15) and two of my friends and I thumbed to Ocean Drive for Easter. It was the first time I had seen the ocean. Sometime that weekend, the SC highway patrol closed all roads in and out of Ocean Drive. The Temptations were at the Pad that night and there was some sort of ruckus that prompted law enforcement intervention. Being too young to get into the Pad we were across the street at the Pavilion when all this happened. Maybe some of your listeners remembers exactly what year this happened.
David Bost

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  1. I don’t mean to correct you, but the PAD was not big enough for any band to play there. It had a small dance floor, jukebox, booths and bar. That was pretty much it. It is possible the Temps were playing at the Beach Club on Hwy 17. It is not there anymore. It happened Saturday afternoon late. There was a fight in the PAD. People were busting through the lattice work to get away from the two guys fighting. One of the two guys got cut. Not bad, but did get cut. By the time the police got there, the people had moved to the Pavilion and started playing pool. The police went to the Pavillion and arrested one of the guys fighting. What started the riot was the police arrested the wrong guy. Everybody started raising cain and one thing led to another. The dogs were called out, the fire truck was brought out and they started throwing tear gas canisters. The Highway Patrol was called. The dogs had people backed up in the ocean. They were only letting a small group of people out of the ocean at a time. The fireman were spraying the people with water. They were using two and a half inch hoses with straight stream nozzles. I saw a boy get knocked off the top of a VW by the water. He was not bothering a soul, just sitting on top of the car watching. The car was parked in the parking lot in front of the Pavillion. The boy was hurt. A friend of mine, who later became Fire Chief, said the pump on fire truck that was used that night was ruined. The jail was too small to hold all the people that night. Everyone was released and their names and addresses were taken and were told to come back the next morning to see the Magistrate. The line of people ran from the police department, down in front of Hoskins, across the street behind Hoskins, down Main street. It ended up costing everybody $150.00 each. OD made some money that weekend. It was hard for me to explain to my mother why I needed the $150.00. What a weekend!

    • I agree with most of what has been posted but would offer the following:

      The year was 1966, it was Saturday night of Easter weekend. There were two guys from Laurinburg, NC that started everything. Just a friendly beer drinking fist fight. Well after the fight was over, the OD police showed up and parked a police car in the street between the Barrel and the Pavilion. They started looking for the fighters to take to jail to make some revenue for OD (typical). They put a guy In the police car and prepare to drive off with him. A bunch of people gathered around the police car and started banging on the windows and shaking the car. The police called for backup and all Hell broke loose. The police fired a tear gas canister into the Pad and everyone in there pushed down the lattice to get into the street and away from the tear gas. I was standing across the street from the Pad and got hit with a tear gas canister, which temporarily blinded me. I was lead away by my date. Later the OD Fire Department hosed everyone down, then SC Hwy Patrol showed up in force and blocked all the streets. No one could leave, everyone was raising Hell. The OD Police started hauling people away to the jail. The jail was packed and they started handcuffing people together in the parking lot of the Police Dept. It was in all of the newspapers all over the Carolinas. I got back home to Charlotte to find a copy of the Charlotte Observer on my bed with pictures. I remember one picture which showed a front end loader with the box completely filled with beer cans. To quote Ricky Ricardo, I had a lot of “splaining to do”. No one was seriously hurt or killed. Just a bunch of drunk high school and college kids and an overreacting little town police force mixing it up.

  2. I’m confused by this entire thread. The Pad was in Ocean Drive ( now North Myrtle Beach) No where near the pavilion at Myrtle Beach.

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