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I am a stats guy and love to look at statistics. If you have been following my beach music update blogs, you may recall some of the maps I have posted at Beach Music Online with the number of states listening in to Shag City USA Internet Radio. I love to pick on states like South Dakota and Wyoming for not listening to Beach Music like the rest of the US. Recently we made an effort to reach Alaska.. we got that one!

Recently, there has been some great content added to the web about Top Beach Music Bands – I love the videos from Albert and Casey. Some people Get it! Some don’t! That is okay. I have read comments from people that don’t get it. I love the video replies that have been sent back from Earl Dawkins and Jeff Swafford. If you have missed those.. you need to look for them on facebook – Great STUFF!

Well, I decided to drop a list of Top 30 Bands….. and this one does have a specific formula behind it. These bands are ranked based on the amount of clicks (website traffic) they have received from in the last 4 weeks.

This rank could be a sign of popularity or it could simply be a sign of not being able to find the band’s website. Most of the bands listed have had websites for years. Some are brand new some need some updating. I personally work with several of them and would like to thank them for their business and support throughout the years.
The number one page on Beach Music Online for the last 10 years has been the beach music artist and band schedule page. This list is simply a ranking based on the activity of the thousands of beach music fans that visit this bmo website and schedule webpage.

If your favorite artist is not listed on the schedule page, please use the contact form at

Top Beach Music Artists*

1 Band of Oz
2 Jim Quick & Coastline
3 The Embers featuring Craig Woolard
4 Fantastic Shakers
5 The Entertainers
6 Holiday Band
7 The Tams
8 The Catalinas
9 Too Much Sylvia
10 Hip Pocket
11 Mark Roberts Band
12 The Carolina Breakers
13 Steve Owens and Summertime
14 Gary Lowder & Smokin Hot
15 Part Time Party Band
16 Swingin Medallions
17 The Castaways
18 Tim Clark Band
19 Atlantic Groove
20 Midnight Allie
21 The Prophets
22 Sea Cruz
23 East Coast Rhythm and Blues Band
24 Carolina Soul Band
25 Rick Strickland Band
26 Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band
27 Attractions
28 The Extraordinaires
29 Big Time
30 Lakeside Drive Band

*Ranking based on Website Clicks from during the last 4 weeks. #1 represents the highest number of clicks to the band’s website.

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  1. this evidently must be a “regional” thing….. No KCO? Ken Knox is one of the most talented performers that has stood the test of time…..who in the heck is “Big Time”??
    Never heard of them but I have heard of the Magnificants, Tommy Black, Steve Craig, and others. I never thought “The Attractions” were much and East Coast and Black Water aren’t necessarily “beach bands”.
    Evidently this is the same “politics” that has governed CBMA for years.

    • KCO is great – I have added their link to the Beach Music Artist Schedule Page – Ken has never asked me to link to his schedule. I sent thousands of people to COTB back when they were touring.

      Big Tim formerly known as Big Time Party Band has had several songs on the beach music charts. Their songs play in rotation at 94.9 the Surf. 2006 – Drink Up, 2008 – Do Ya Like, 2009 – Oh, What A Feelin’, 2012 – Cherry Groove, 2013 – Four O’CLock In The Morning, 2014 – I Loved Them All

      The Mags are great – I lost track of them with past website changes. I just found a website that appears to be under construction. When they get their schedule added, I will add them back to the list of beach music bands schedules. (a requirement for the page and rank consideration in this statistical ranking)

      Tommy Black Band is listed on the beach music online website.. They just happened to not be in the top 30 most clicked on bands this last month ( see explanation at BMO )

      I can’t find a website for Steve Craig – if you know where his schedule is posted, please send me the link. I will be happy to add it to their site. He has never asked for a link btw.

      I am sorry that you don’t think the other bands are worthy of being considered top beach music bands. They all have beach music songs on their play list.

      Blackwater Rhythm and Blues Band is one of the hottest acts on the beach music scene today. If you have not seen them lately, I encourage you to look them up and go see them when you can. Of course, they play songs that are not typically considered beach music, but you can say that about every band in the industry right now. Everyone I see that has been to see a Blackwater show has become a BIG Fan! If you come to NMB this summer, You will find them at Ducks, 2001 and HOTOs playing the beach music slots that most of the other bands on this list are playing. They are one of my favorites and quickly winning over the folks that like to go see beach music bands.

    • Hi Beverly H.,
      My name is John Wilson. I am the lead vocalist for BigTime. The band began in 2003 as BigTime Party Band. We’ve recently dropped “Party Band” to simplify things a little. Since 2009 we have been nominated for several Carolina Beach Music Awards such as Best New Act 2009, Songwriter of the Year 2012 for our song “Cherry Groove” written by myself and our former guitarist Barry Briggs, Collaboration of the Year 2013 with Clifford Curry for our song “Four O’Clock In The Morning” and Producer of the Year 2013 for my dad Johnny Wilson who started the band. We are from Pittsboro, NC so, to say the list is a regional thing my not be quite correct if your are referring to the region as N. Myrtle Beach. We do have regularly scheduled shows at Deckerz in N. Myrtle for which we are very thankful for. Please check out our schedule at and come see us. We’d love to see you!! We do a variety of music that includes Carolina Beach Music, Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, etc. We just try to have fun and have a BIG TIME!! Thanks to all of our supporters and to BO for creating a new conversation piece. Agree or disagree, but it’s getting people involved and that is an awesome thing!!!

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