Carolina Beach Music


The subject of Carolina Beach Music is an interesting one. With performance roots going back at least six decades, you can bet there are some varying accounts of its origin. Those varying accounts have become part of the history. This documentary blog is intended to collect individual accounts and stories throughout the history of this “lifestyle” as it is often referred. We have established a “timeline” from which we will begin to fill in with historically significant occurrences, events, etc. If you have a story you’d like to share, leave your comment on the associated timeline or send it to us through our Contact Form. It is as simple as giving a date in time when anything important to the history occurred. It can be the formation of a group, a concert, the opening of a venue, the release of a great tune, or a music chart from a specific time. Any date (day, week, month, season, or year) that impacted Carolina Beach Music…or impacted you as the result of Carolina Beach Music, is important. We would like to include photos, flyers, and posters in our timeline.

Join us as we create at living, growing, historical account of the lifestyle known as Carolina Beach Music…told by those who have lived it. We hope you enjoy this trip through time. Be sure to tell your friends about our project. We would love to have their input as well.