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AMA stands for Ask Me Anything

Ask your questions here in the comments section below… Answer to these questions may be answered on Shag City USA Internet Radio as well as here on the website. You can address to the website or target a specific beach music artist or connection. We have a list already to start answering questions and expect this list to grow.

Artists and Beach Music Connections that are currently answering and responding to questions: Jim Quick, Allie Privette, Tommy Black, Dale Edwards, Craig Saunders, Big D, Bo the Webguy, Jeff Gilder, Keith Houston, Julian B Fowler, Soul Dog Neil Furr. Some will be answered on future radio shows at Shag City USA.

What do you want to know?

Note to Beach Music Industry: If you would like to be added to the list of responders, let us know on the contact form

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  1. I have a question for any artist that would like to answer. Think about your first band and first paid gig. How much did the band get paid for that gig?

  2. At 14 two friends and I played a pool/birthday party for $12 and hamburgers We also participated in the party. We only knew about 10 songs so we figured we were being paid to have fun. That was a loooong time ago and with our $4 each we could get food at the local drive in cafe, go to the movies buy popcorn and still have $ to give the older kid with a license and access to a car….gotta love inflation

  3. I have fond memories of The Embers club that was located in Raleigh. I loved going in high school. The year was 1967-1968. I seem to remember 4 band members then. Does anyone know about them during this time frame? These were some of my very best memories of those years and college. Thanks, Susan Partin

    • We had to do some research on this one.. Thinking about this time members of the band were Bobby Tomlinson, Jackie Gore, Durwood Martin, Frank Reich, Blair Ellis and Johnny Hopkins. Depending on the exact dates in 1967 and 1968.. Blair might have been leaving and Johnny might have been joining.

      Bobby is still with the band today.

  4. My fond Beach Music and shaggin’ memories are from the Pawley’s (Island, SC)Pavilion in the late 50s.
    The only band that I remember is the Drink Small Band but there were other good ones. Do you know the name of any of them?

    • The existing pavilion at Pauley’s Island burned down in 1957 – another one (the last one) was constructed. Bands from the late ’50’s through the late ’60’s included Harry Parker & The Caravelles, Rivieras, Monzas, Travelers, Catalinas, Embers, Sensational Epics, Swingin’ Medallions, Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs and The Drifters

  5. Is there any website I can visit to get a list of any and all bands that play beach music? I saw a list the other day but I can`t locate it now. Thanks

  6. Wondering if Jim Quick and Delbert McClinton ever recorded together. If so, where can I find a copy. That would be the sound of the century!!!

    • Kay,

      Delbert has in fact recorded a song with Jim Quick. The Son “I’m a Dog” that appears on the Down South Album was a collaboration of Jim Quick and Delbert.

      After opening for Delbert on several occasions, Jim got to share the stage with Delbert for the first time on February 7, 2014, when Delbert called Jim up on stage at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem, NC.


  7. Jim Quick: How come your lovely wife Crystal wasn’t on the “Down South” video? She’s a lot prettier than those models!

  8. Where was the very first Beach Club located and who was the first band or artist to play there? I went several times in the 60’s and seems like I remember it being on Hwy 17 between Myrtle Beach and Ocean Drive. My most memorable time, was when I saw Ben E. King and it had been raining and my date and I parked towards the back of the building on the right side. We were blocked in by a lot of cars and took us forever to get out. If I could just turn the clock back.

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